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Buying with Heidi

Working to get you the BEST price!

Don’t listen to agents who pressure you and tell you that “Now is the right time to buy”. Regardless of market conditions, the only right time to buy a home is when it is right for you. I do not believe that my job is to “sell” you on any particular home. I'm here to help coach you through the home buying process and will never apply sales pressure.

It is important to use an agent who treats real estate as a profession, not a part-time hobby. The best real estate advice comes from agents who do this work day-in and day-out.

Whatever your reasons for buying, finding the right home in the perfect neighborhood, and at a cost that is within your budget, is no small task. That's why many buyers choose to work with a full-service, licensed real estate professional, like myself, to guide them through the process. I have detailed information about properties for sale by every company, and can make appointments to see any home that you're interested in.

My goals:

1) Help you find the home that best meets your needs in the most efficient timeframe
2) Provide current market data to assist you in making informed decisions
3) Help you understand all the terms, processes, and documents involved in a real estate transaction
4) Represent your needs through skilled negotiations and effective communication
5) Provide you with a peace-of-mind that all details are being handled in a professional and efficient manner

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