I thought I knew all I needed to know about real estate. I’ve owned seven homes; sold seven; rented countless more. I was a pro. Then I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast.

After a few visits I quickly learned I knew nothing. The pricing was different, the buying experience completely different… What the heck is escrow? Do I rent or do I buy? Where are the good schools? I was clueless.

Enter Heidi Cotton.

I presented her with an impossible list of wants. A fireplace. A sunset. A doorman. A great kitchen. Enough space; but not too much space. An occasional tree that wasn’t a palm in the neighborhood. Oh, and that should be walkable. And safe.

Her first suggestion was; don’t buy. Learn the city. Learn where you want to be. I listened. The first rental she took me checked all my boxes. I rented it on the spot and spent two happy years there, learning the city.

When it came time to buy, she insisted we look at everything on the market that checked 4 out of 5 of my wants so i could feel what I really loved; not only what I thought I wanted. I ended up choosing a place that didn’t meet all my demands but had something better; Charm. It felt like home. I walked through it twice, told Heidi I wanted it and went to the hairdresser. I knew she would take care of everything and she did. We closed without a glitch.

If you want a broker who is listens to you, who is a straight shooter, who knows the market and is a great negotiator…., look no further. Heidi Cotton has made my transition to the West Coast seamless. I found a home and a friend for life.

Millee R – Beverly Hills

Never have I worked with a professional as on-her-game and as responsive as Heidi Cotton. As a first-time home-buyer, Heidi understood everything I needed to be walked through the process of searching for and buying a home. Her answers were always honest and it was clear that she was looking out for my interests in a difficult market. The fact that I ended up in my dream home is due in no small part to Heidi’s professionalism, calming presence, and ability to keep me focused on what mattered most. Thank you Heidi!

Sarah B – Los Angeles

I’m not the guy that runs to Yelp to whine about a bad experience. But I’m definitely all in when the experience is amazing. So here goes. We just sold a house, closed yesterday and our broker, Heidi Cotton (Keller Williams Beverly Hills) was incredible. Professional, thoughtful, caring and completely on our side. Whatever the issue, our needs were always priority one. She absolutely went above and beyond, on everything. I know I didn’t always make it easy to do so, but she never flinched.

We all know a broker, I get it. But if you don’t, or just want something new, call this one. Call Heidi.

Nick L – Woodland Hills

People say that moving and selling a home are two of the most stressful activities a person can encounter. I’d like to add that if you’re selling one home, buying another and watching your spouse go through a stem cell transplant, all at the same time, you’d better have Heidi Cotton as your realtor!

Heidi provided all the “normal” realtor functions for us, and then some. I can’t count the number of contacts she had to make with the seller’s realtors, and the reason I can’t count them is I’m sure there were numerous contacts we weren’t even aware of. Same with our buyer’s realtor. There were so many times when something cropped up that we thought might be a problem, and Heidi would call and say, “Oh, by the way, I noticed (blank) and it’s taken care of.”

She got access to the new home several times so we could arrange flooring, painting, etc. before we moved in. She was there so many times our three-year old grandson thought Heidi was going to live with us. (He was disappointed when we explained that wasn’t the case.)

And technology! Because my husband was in the hospital and his immunity was close to non-existent, Heidi made sure that anything technology could expedite, and keep him out of contact with other people, happened remotely. And quickly. And accurately.

I told Heidi her yard signs should read: Heidi Cotton, kick-ass realtor. So hire her, and sit back and watch the kicking begin!

Cande and Russ C – Tarzana and Studio City

Heidi – We Thank you for selling this house for us over asking! Couldn’t have been easier (or quicker) and look forward to working with you in the future.

Eric V – Sherman Oaks

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